Monday, September 24, 2012

VMware Free SRM Training

VMware have created 11 instructional videos on the basics of VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. 

1. SRM5 Concepts/Architecture
2. Installing SRM5
3. Site Pairing
4. Storage Replication – Part 1
5. Storage Replication – Part 2
6. Inventory Mapping Protection Groups
7. Protection Groups
8. Creating a Recovery Plan
9.Testing a Recovery Plan
10. SRM Failover
11. SRM Failback

The videos are delivered by Andrew Elwood, Senior Technical Instructor.


buckmaster60 said...
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buckmaster60 said...

Wish this was reflective of SRM 5.1 not just 5 as vSphere replication can be different depending on how you install it: with or without SRM?

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