There are really great sites with valuable information online and some are listed below. So here is my contribution.
Part of the study process is to have a lab and do the objectives, so  I thought I would capture this on video and post them.
I have my first video here just a test case, which was inspired by Eric Sloof...So thanks.
Below, each section are links to my study notes. As I do them links will be activated.
Section 1 – Implement and Manage Storage
VCAP-DCA Objective 1.1 : Implement and Manage Complex Storage Solutions
VCAP-DCA Objective 1.2 : Manage Storage Capacity in a vSphere Environment
VCAP-DCA Objective 1.3 : Configure and manage Complex Multipathing and PSA Plug-ins
Section 2 – Implement and Manage Networking
VCAP-DCA Objective 2.3 : Deploy and Maintain Scalable Virtual Networking
VCAP-DCA Objective 2.4 : Administer vNetwork Distributed Switch Settings
Section 3 – Deploy DRS Clusters and manage Performance
VCAP-DCA Objective 3.1 : Tune and Optimize vSphere Performance
VCAP-DCA Objective 3.2 : Optimize Virtual machine Resources
VCAP-DCA Objective 3.3 : Implement and Maintain Complex DRS Solutions
VCAP-DCA Objective 3.4 : Perform Capacity Planning in a vSphere Environment
Section 4 – Manage Business Continuity and Protect Data
VCAP-DCA Objective 4.2 : Deploy and Test VMware FT
VCAP-DCA Objective 4.3 : Configure a vSphere Environment to support MSCS Clustering
Section 5 – Perform Operational Maintenance
VCAP-DCA Objective 5.2 : Deploy and Manage Complex Update Manager Environments
Section 6 – Perform Advanced Troubleshooting
VCAP-DCA Objective 6.2 : Troubleshoot CPU and Memory Performance
VCAP-DCA Objective 6.3 : Troubleshoot Network Performance and Connectivity
VCAP-DCA Objective 6.4 : Troubleshoot Storage Performance and Connectivity
VCAP-DCA Objective 6.5 : Troubleshoot vCenter Server and ESX/ESXi Host Management
Section 7 – Secure a vSphere Environment
VCAP-DCA Objective 7.1 : Secure ESX/ESXi hosts
VCAP-DCA Objective 7.2 : Configure and Maintain the ESX Firewall
VCAP-DCA Objective 7.3 : Deploy and Administer vShield zones
Section 8 – Perform Scripting and Automation
VCAP-DCA Objective 8.1 : Execute VMware Cmdlets and Customize Scripts using PowerCLI
Section 9 – Perform Advanced vSphere Installations and Configurations
VCAP-DCA Objective 9.1 : Install ESX Server with custom Settings
VCAP-DCA Objective 9.2 : Plan and Execute Scripted Installations
VCAP-DCA Objective 9.3 : Configure vCenter Server Linked Mode