Friday, February 3, 2012

SRM 5 in a Box

SRM 5 in a Box
 VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 & NetApp Simulator 8.

Had to do some testing with SRM and decided to build a lab. So I documented the process.

The document has the following section.

1    Introduction   
2    LAB Setup   
3    LAB Environment   
4    LAB Build steps   
Step 1 – Setting up Workstation   
Step 2 – Build Domain Controller (DC01)   
Step 3 – Build vCenter Servers (VC01 and VC02)   
Step 4 – Build ESXi Host (ESX01 & ESX02)   
Step 5 – Add ESX to vCenter   
Step 6 – NetApp Simulator   
Step 7 – OnCommand System Manager 2.0R1   
Step 8 – Create an iSCSI LUN and add to ESXi   
Step 9 – Install SRM   
Step 11 – Configure SRM (Sites and Array Managers)   
Step 12 – Configure SRM (Protection Groups)   
Step 13 – Configure SRM (Recovery Plan)   
Step 14 – Configure SRM (Run Test)

This document came to being with the requirement to be familiar with SRM 5. As you can’t substitute hands on time and the only time I can get is “Lab time”, I decided to see what was out there in terms of Lab setups and what I’ll need to set my LAB up.
First port of call was Google! The most popular result was a document titled “SRM in a Box” by  Tomas ten Dam  ( hence the title of this document. I would like to thank Tomas for his great work on the his document.
The information in this document are the steps I used to build a LAB where I could test SRM 5 and NetApp Simulator and not real world SRM architecture. It is only for testing and educational purposes.

What I used.

The Physical Host PC:
·         AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor 3.2 GHz
·         16 GB RAM DDR3
·         VMware Workstation 8.x.
·         Windows 7 Pro  64 Bit
·         120 Gig Corsair Force GT SSD

What I used.

·         Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
·         SQL ManagementStudio x64
·         The Netapp simulator 8.1
·         VMware vCenter (VMware-VIMSetup-all-5.0.0-456005)
·         VMware SRM 5.0.0  474459
·         The Netapp SRA 2.0
·         OnCommand System Manger 2.0R1
·         A ESXi 5 Build 469512
·         Putty

We’ll go through setting up lab environment. The LAB will be divided into two sites consisting of 1 ESXi 5 host, 1 vCenter Server and a NetApp Simulator for Storage. There will be also 1 DC/Management Server managing both sites as shown in diagram below.
From a network perspective we are going to use a flat network (NAT on VM) for ease of setup and troubleshooting. I used 192.168.44.x range.

 The complete document can be found here.


buckmaster60 said...

Thanks for the write-up. I've done this with SIM 8.1 a couple of weeks ago. Please see

I'd be interested if you experience the same issue.
Thanks Tom Miller

Carlos Vargas said...


I haven't had this issue personally. I have created LAB's on both workstation (PC based) and vSphere 5 (Servers) without issue and still running.

Are you still having a problem?

Vidad Cosonok said...

Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you so much for making this document.

buckmaster60 said...

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have the problem. Too bad, because I was using the Netapp vCenter plugin as well. Nice. Stopped using the NetApp VSA because I got tired of rebuilding and it kernel panicking. I wonder if following this post is causing me issues.

By following this post you get about 200GB of usable space but maybe causing me problems also?


Carlos Vargas said...


I have seen that post but not used it. Sorry to hear that things arent working the way they should. At a guess I wont say its the steps in the post.

It might be the load you are running on the 200g.

I cant try it for couple of weeks but when I do, Ill send you a message.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for posting this article. I have a question about the Array Manager config process. I am able to connect the Protected and Recovery sites, but when I try to enable the Array Pair I get the following message at the Recovery Site:

SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed. SAN or NAS device not found
Ensure that the SAN device is configured and mapped to an igroup of ostype vmware and the NAS device is configured and exported with rw rules.

Have you seen this error before or know how to correct it? I have configured both sites to connect to their datastore on the local netapp array but there still seems to be an issue.

Any light you can shed on the issue would be helpful.


Carlos Vargas said...

Have you checked.

options httpd.admin.access legacy

options.httpd.admin.enable on

zuehls said...

The google doc is not available anymore. Can you repost it?

anfernee said...

Hello Carlos,
Great doc. I was wondering if anyone is getting a "sudo: makedisks.main: command not found" from page 15 of the doc after running the "sudo makedisks.main -n 14 -t 23 -a 2" command. I am a NetApp newb so any help is appreciated.

anfernee said...

nevermind. i was using the 8.1.2 simulator and the commands are a little different. i followed these instructions and i'm all good.

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