Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Booting ESX off USB/SD

Interesting blog at ESXi Chronicles regarding booting from USB/SD.

A snippet below.

At VMworld I was surprised at the number of questions I was asked related to booting ESXi off of USB/SD. Unfortunately, the vSphere docs largely assume you will use a local disk and don't really cover USB/SD, as such it’s not always easy to find answers to common questions. Below are some answers to several of the more popular USB/SD related questions.

1. What size USB/SD should I use?
The minimum disk size required to install ESXi is 1GB. When booting USB/SD there is little benefit to using a larger device because any space beyond the 1st GB will go unused. When choosing a USB/SD boot device, it’s not the size of the device that is important but the reliability of the device. Be sure to use good quality USB/SD devices.

You can read it here. http://blogs.vmware.com/esxi/2011/09/booting-esxi-off-usbsd.html


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