Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RV Tools

New version is Released.


Some details below.

Version 3.1 (April, 2011)
  • Logon form tab order rearranged
  • Logon form will remember your last selected host / vCenter server
  • On vInfo new fields Provisioned, Used and shared storage
  • On vInfo new fields install Boot Required, number of Virtual Disks
  • On vInfo new fields Fault Tolerance State,  FT Latency Status, FT Band width and FT Secondary Latency
  • On vInfo new field 128-bit SMBIOS UUID of the virtual machine
  • On vDatastore new fields Total provisioned, Used and shared storage
  • On vDatastore new fields SIOC enabled flag and congested threshold value
  • On vDisk new field disk persistence mode
  • On vNetwork all IP addresses of adapter are now visible
  • On vMemory new field distributed Memory Entitlement
  • On vCPU new fields static Cpu Entitlement and field distributed Cpu Entitlement
  • On vHost new fields Current EVC mode and Max EVC mode
  • New batch command line parameters -u user and -p password
  • Bugfix: custom fields not always visible on vSnapshot tab
  • Bugfix: Export to Excel, some numeric columns are saved as text instead of numbers
  • RVToolsBatch.cmd with send by email example deployed in RVTools program file directory


Carlos Vargas said...

Update on Xangati from Kendrick Coleman.


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